About us

SINUELO develops and sells technology solutions for assembly, through industrial tools, control systems, engineering, installations and training.

The solutions provided by SINUELO help industries to increase their productivity and safety, but with increased quality, in addition to reducing costs.

Founded in Curitiba in 1994, with the purpose of providing solutions for quality control, SINUELO has never strayed from its position of technological differentiation.
Since its foundation, SINUELO has always sought the best alternative for its customers, through the best existing tools.
On the other hand, SINUELO adapted to the changes in the course of history and migrated its core business to technology solutions for assembly.


Improve industrial production processes through world-renowned assembly tools.


To be a world-class company admired, due to the quality of technology solutions for assembly and operational efficiency.
Always preserve your positioning of offering the best alternatives for your customers.


Humanization: Treat your customers, employees and suppliers with respect, dignity and justice.

Commitment: Fully comply with commitments;
assuring customers, employees and suppliers confidence in the fulfillment of goals and objectives.

Integrity: SINUELO must convey absolute trust through
information and actions that are always truthful, honest and transparent, earning the credibility of customers, employees and suppliers.

Development: Enable SINUELO to reach increasing levels of productivity, improving its image and providing better services.

Quality: Constant updating of state-of-the-art products and services

If you would like to know more about the principles and conduct adopted at Sinuelo, please download the PDF with the link below.

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